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Community Fellowship in Christ of Talbott will host 69制片厂制作传媒淥nce More69制片厂制作传媒 for a gospel concert this Sunday, July 21 at 6 p.m. Everyone welcome. Pastor is Trevor Roberts. The church is located at 515 Lakeshore Road in Talbott.

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RUTLEDGE 69制片厂制作传媒 Morristown East and Grainger got a reprieve from the sweltering weather experienced in the Lakeway area over the last week and tangled in a 7-on-7 event under perfect conditions at The Den Thursday night.

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The rarity of an accomplished jazz harpist will be celebrated on Sunday, July 28 in a local venue that has proven itself an acoustical boon for the performer.

There are few jazz harpists performing around the world and Morristown is fortunate to have Kari Novilla in its midst 69制片厂制作传媒 she received her Master69制片厂制作传媒檚 degree in Harp Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.

Novilla will offer a concert at All Saints69制片厂制作传媒 Episcopal Church before embarking on a fellowship with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. The 3 p.m. performance will include light jazz, pop music, country and gospel tunes, as Novilla will be joined by Dave Halstead on drums and Gary Davis on bass.

69制片厂制作传媒淭his concert is a kind of reflection of just graduating the Royal Academy and looking forward to this next chapter of my life,69制片厂制作传媒 Novilla said. 69制片厂制作传媒淲e are excited to bring the Gospel arrangements and we also have a new piece that we69制片厂制作传媒檝e never performed.69制片厂制作传媒

The trio has performed together since 2021 and, according to Novilla, have really 69制片厂制作传媒榡elled69制片厂制作传媒 over that time.

69制片厂制作传媒淏oth are established players in their own right,69制片厂制作传媒 she said. 69制片厂制作传媒淲e have a lot of fun challenging each other.69制片厂制作传媒

Novilla69制片厂制作传媒檚 relationship with All Saints69制片厂制作传媒 has been ongoing since early childhood.

69制片厂制作传媒淕rowing up in Morristown, I69制片厂制作传媒檝e been very lucky. I have a great community that has supported me. I69制片厂制作传媒檝e been involved with All Saints69制片厂制作传媒 church and school, and they are both near and dear to my heart,69制片厂制作传媒 she said. 69制片厂制作传媒淢y first concert at the church was in 2017, after I graduated high school and was going away to college. There are amazing mentors, friends and families there. The congregation has been open to me playing various pieces and genres and the family and friends I have within the congregation, the history 69制片厂制作传媒 and just having the beautiful space and acoustics 69制片厂制作传媒 I69制片厂制作传媒檓 blessed to continue to have the concert series there.69制片厂制作传媒

The church sanctuary, or nave, with its vaulted ceilings and exposed wood structuring, along with the combination of the wooden pews and carpet, provide the perfect environment for Novilla69制片厂制作传媒檚 instrument.

69制片厂制作传媒淭he harp is such a resonant instrument,69制片厂制作传媒 she said. 69制片厂制作传媒淚 don69制片厂制作传媒檛 use amplification there, except with the trio. The drums are a different timbre. It is a really beautiful space that lends itself to the resonance of the harp. And the stained glass windows are just beautiful.69制片厂制作传媒

The concert will serve as a farewell to Novilla prior to her leaving for Chicago the second weekend of August. One of her errands on Friday, before her performance at Rose Center69制片厂制作传媒檚 Midsummer Social, was to buy multiple rolls of packing tape.

The fellowship at the Civic Orchestra of Chicago is an audition-based position. According to Novilla, there are only 12 such positions in the world, which combine rigorous orchestral training with professional performances.

69制片厂制作传媒淚69制片厂制作传媒檓 very lucky that I won this position, there are only two in the United States and 10 in Europe,69制片厂制作传媒 she said. 69制片厂制作传媒淭here is only one harpist position in the orchestra and most people stay in the position for three years.69制片厂制作传媒

Novilla will serve as the principal harpist, as one of 11 fellows within the orchestra. The position will further her education, artistic and business planning.

She began developing a business acumen early on, as the phrase 69制片厂制作传媒榝east or famine69制片厂制作传媒 definitely applies to career musicians. At one time, she baked highly sought-after macaroons 69制片厂制作传媒 in order to up her sales game, she spent time working at a local bakery and improved her craft to the point that she would regularly sell out of the 69制片厂制作传媒渕elt in your mouth69制片厂制作传媒 delectables.

69制片厂制作传媒淚69制片厂制作传媒檝e had a bunch of side hustles,69制片厂制作传媒 Novilla said. 69制片厂制作传媒淒uring the famine stages, I had to have business plans.69制片厂制作传媒

The love for music performance began as a child.

69制片厂制作传媒淢y mom tells the story that when I was a kid, 5 or 6, I was already so interested in music. I would tell her 69制片厂制作传媒業69制片厂制作传媒檓 going to take you all around the world 69制片厂制作传媒 I69制片厂制作传媒檓 going to wear fancy dresses, play in beautiful places and take you with me,69制片厂制作传媒69制片厂制作传媒 she said.

The crossroads came in high school for Novilla, whether to actually pursue a music career or a lucrative one, Novilla said. She double majored in biology for a short time.

69制片厂制作传媒淭hat was exhausting,69制片厂制作传媒 she said. 69制片厂制作传媒淏y my senior year in high school, freshman year of college, I had to really bet on myself, invest in myself. I decided to take on this career 110 percent. I continued to work hard, pound the pavement and develop business and marketing plans. I69制片厂制作传媒檝e always been very highly ambitious, but I made the decision as a senior in high school 69制片厂制作传媒 if I69制片厂制作传媒檓 doing to do this, I need to 69制片厂制作传媒榡ump off the cliff.69制片厂制作传媒69制片厂制作传媒

Novilla received her Masters of Music in Harp Performance under tutelage of Professor Emerita of Harp, Skaila Kanga and Professor of Jazz Harp, Park Stickney. She is a 2021 graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelors in Harp Performance with the highest academic honors.

As a full scholarship Barbara and David Jacobs Scholar, she studied with Harp Department Chair, Elzbieta Szmyt. In prior years, she was a finalist in the American Harp Society69制片厂制作传媒檚 National Competition and was a featured concerto winner at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC with the Gliere Harp Concerto.

She has also appeared as a soloist with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and has performed with a number of orchestras around the world, including with conductors Giancarlo Guerrero, James Fellenbaum, Larry Livingston, Sey Ahn and Ludovic Morlot.

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Marble City Opera will present three mainstage productions and several special events and concerts during its twelfth season. Season tickets for the three mainstage productions are now on sale at MarbleCityOpera.com.